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Do you know how much geothermal can save you?

One of many benefits of a geothermal, and also the reason most people choose the system, is that it means significant savings on the heating bill of a home. In fact, you could cut your annual operating costs by 40 to 70 percent with a closed-loop geothermal system.

With a geothermal system, 100 percent of your heating and cooling needs are delivered, with no additional pumps or equipment required. The units are built with simplicity in mind and allow for efficient transfer of heat, which delivers the most powerful and cost-effective geothermal HVAC systems available.

Nearly 100 percent of our customers have realized significant savings when switching to a geothermal system.

By using the energy of the sun and the power of our earth, heat is taken directly from the ground. This thermal energy is pumped up through the geothermal loops and into the heating and cooling distribution system. There is no other system that provides the same efficiency and cost-savings.

Rebates and Incentives

By choosing geothermal in your home, you’re already choosing a system that is extremely efficient and uses a renewable energy source, saving you hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling costs every year. You can also take advantage of local and state incentives, rebates, and financing to save even more money. There are also tax credits that may be available. If you’re looking to maximize your savings, ask us what you may qualify for.

Save more money with free hot water

Not only can a geothermal system provide heating and air conditioning for your home, but it can also provide free hot water. Utilizing the optional hot water generator can produce free hot water for any use whenever the system is running. By capturing the excess heat in the refrigerant, this module can typically provide in excess of 50 percent of the total hot water needs of many homes or businesses, all while the system heats and cools your home. These savings, combined with the saving heating and cooling savings, results in a short system payback period and more real cash savings for you.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Geothermal Dealer

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Geothermal Dealer

Considering installing a geothermal system, but afraid of getting swindled by shady dealers or bad installers? To ensure you choose a good dealer and installer, we've collected a list of the questions you should ask before hiring.

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