Are you considering a geothermal system?

Unfortunately, we’ve seen it far too many times. Dealers promise their customers the world but don’t deliver as expected. They design systems that are not adequately sized, and in the end, the consumer suffers.

One of the main reasons people choose geothermal energy is because of the savings. But when geothermal systems are installed incorrectly or aren’t accurately sized, it can cost more to heat and cool your home than expected, becoming more expensive and sometimes flat out inefficient.

Don’t be afraid of getting swindled by shady dealers or bad installers. Make sure you ask them the questions that will filter inexperienced, dishonest, or lazy dealers. To ensure you choose a good dealer and installer, we’ve collected a list of the things you should ask before hiring and what you should be looking for in a good dealer. A good dealer will ensure you get an efficiently designed and correctly installed geothermal heating and cooling system, saving you money on your monthly heating and cooling bill.

Questions to ask a geothermal dealer

Learn how to filter out bad dealers by asking questions like:

  • What kinds of equipment do they have?

  • Are they familiar with the drilling conditions in your area?

  • How long have they been in business?

Our guide walks you through the steps you should be asking, gives you pointers on what to look for, and will help you understand a good dealer from a bad one. 

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